myTOYOTA Wallet
Frequently Asked Questions

I. About Toyota Wallet

myTOYOTA Wallet is a new mobile payment solution that brings together a range of payment options in a single app.

II. Registration

1. Download the mobile app in the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

2. Register to myTOYOTA Wallet by:

           A. Entering the following:

               - Username

              - Password

              - Mobile Number

            - Email Address

          B. Input the One-Time PIN (OTP) that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

 3.  Complete the required personal information.

4. Create your 6-digit PIN.

III. Account Types and Wallet Transaction Limit

Account Type

Transaction Limit

Basic Account

P100,000 per year

Upgraded Account

P100,000 per month or P1.2 million per year

IV. Upgrading Account

To upgrade your account, you need to be fully-verified. You need to provide additional information, submit a photo of your valid ID and take a selfie.

  • UMID

  • SSS ID

  • GSIS E-Card

  • Driver's License

  • PRC ID

  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID

  • Alien Certificate of Registration

  • Senior Citizen ID

   *IDs must be valid and unexpired.

Please give us 1-2 working days to review and evaluate your application. We will be sending you a notification via SMS. If you have not received any notification regarding the status of your request, please contact our Customer Care hotline (02) 7-757-8500 or Domestic Toll-Free (PLDT) at 1-800-10-857-8500.

  • Make sure that the information you entered matches the information in the ID you submitted.

  • ID submitted should be one of the acceptable IDs and make sure it is valid and unexpired.

  • When taking a photo of your ID, ensure that it is clear and readable. Image should not be cropped, blurred, or covered.

  • Observe the following when taking a selfie:
        a. Make sure that you are in a well-lit place.
        b. Ensure that your face is within the frame.
        c. Make sure your eyes are clearly visible and remove any eyewear.

V. Adding Cards

You can add credit and debit cards. Accepted cards are Visa or Mastercard.

Maximum of 3 cards can be added to your account.

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Click “Card” found in the home screen.

  3. Enter card details and click “Add Card”

  4. Input the One-Time Pin (OTP) provided by your issuing bank.

In order to verify the payment method via credit or debit card, P50.00 authorization hold shall be applied. This is a preventive measure against any unauthorized or fraudulent usage of the card.

VI. Account Management

Should you wish to change details on your account, please contact our Customer Care Hotline (02) 7-757-8500 or Domestic Toll-Free (PLDT) at 1-800-10-857-8500.

  • Download the myTOYOTA Wallet app in the new mobile phone.

  • Sign in by entering your username, password and PIN.

In the app homepage, click “Transaction”. This will allow you to view the following transaction details:
    1. Merchant
    2. Transaction amount
    3. Transaction ID
    4. Payment method

You can only have one (1) myTOYOTA Wallet account per mobile number.

VII. Payment via QR
  • Sign in to your myTOYOTA Wallet account and click “Scan & Pay”.

  • Place QR code in the camera frame.

  • Confirm transaction.

  • Enter PIN.

  • Input the One-Time PIN (OTP) sent via SMS by your issuing bank.

VIII. Account Security
  • Do not share your login credentials to anyone.

  • Use a strong password.

  1. Click “Forgot Password” in sign in page.

  2. Input One-Time PIN (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.

  3. Enter your new password.

  1. Click “Forgot PIN”.

  2. Enter your date of birth.

  3. Input One-Time PIN (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.

  4.  Enter your new PIN.

If you have noticed unauthorized transactions in your account, please immediately contact our Customer Care hotline (02) 7-757-8500 or Domestic Toll-Free (PLDT) at 1-800-10-857-8500.

Please contact our Customer Care hotline (02) 7-757-8500 or Domestic Toll-Free (PLDT) at 1-800-10-857-8500.

IX. Others

myTOYOTA Wallet is available for download in the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

For now, myTOYOTA Wallet can only be used for purchases in the Philippines.

For more details on myTOYOTA Wallet, you can visit our website, email us at or call our Customer Care hotline (02) 7-757-8500, Domestic Toll-Free (PLDT) at 1-800-10-857-8500.

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